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DevRel Page brings the resources a beginner might need to start their journey with Developer Relations.

Here are the different things you can explore here:

This page is an initiative to bring beginners into DevRel. All the resources available are Free and Open Source and meant for anyone who wants to know something about the Developer Relations.

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One of the most frequently asked question for someone working in the DevRel Space is "How do I get involved in Developer Relations?" and to be frank, the answer is not that straight forward. Just by looking at someone working in the community space, one cannot even say what might the day to day work for them is like!

If someone wants to learn to code, become a Web Developer or want to get into Cloud Management or a DevOps career, there are specific career paths set for that however DevRel stays to be a bit tricky. This page aims to become that resource for the beginners.

From different DevRel fields to defining what their day to day tasks might look like, to the processes of tapping into them, to finally the best practices one needs to know to be successful in this space. The aim is to make sure that everyone gets something out of it.

DevRel Carousels

#DevRelCarousels marked a starting for this initiative. These are small infographics targetted to one of the topics around DevRel. The series of carousels are designed in a way to provide a structured approach towards understanding DevRel and the basic concepts behind it. Make sure to check out a few!

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DevRel Blog

Blogs are one of the most common ways DevRel knowledge gets shared around the world. While making DevRel Carousels, we realised that specific topics needed additional contextual knowledge, best practices, etc. to benefit a larger mass. The DevRel medium page aims to bring more and more content regularly to incorporate all the best practices possible under a single umbrella!

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DevRel Scribbles

To try something unique we thought to share our notes from different DevRel Talks, Podcasts, etc. with everyone! For us, notes are the best way to make sure to have a record of something we've learnt from a talk. These searchable notes can be an effective way for someone to find great talks to peruse through, learning something new along the way!

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